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Terms and conditions: Instagram - Classic Mystery Box

1. The organiser of the discount promotion is Mystery United B.V., Bedrijfsweg 9, 7671 EG Vriezenveen, The Netherlands. By participating in the jersey raffle, the participant agrees to these terms and conditions of participation.


2. The jersey raffle is in no way connected to Instagram and Facebook and is not sponsored, advertised or controlled by Facebook. Correspondingly, neither Instagram nor Facebook are available as a contact partner regarding the jersey raffle and the participant cannot constitute any claims towards Facebook.


3. Participants of the jersey raffle have to be at least 18 years of age. Employees and representatives of Mystery United B.V. and Transfermarkt GmbH & Co. KG are excluded from participating.


4. The prize is a Mystery Box containing a mystery football shirt from a club anywhere in the world. There is one winner for the lottery, who wins the mystery shirt. The prize is non-transferable and cannot be substituted.


5. The draw begins on 15 May 2024 and ends on 24 May 2024. Mystery United B.V. reserves the right to extend or shorten this time frame. Material prizes cannot be paid out in cash. Subsequent entries will not be considered for the Mystery Box raffle, regardless of the reason for the delay. Transfermarkt GmbH & Co. KG cannot be held liable for technical failures, in particular shirt defects.


6. The correlating posts must not violate the rights of third parties.


7. Everyone, who abided to the mechanics and the deadline of participation, in relation to the respective Instagram post/story, will take part in the mystery box raffle. The participation through third parties, for example lottery agencies, is ruled out. Only a single participation per person and per mystery box raffle is allowed. In case of multiple registrations, a participant can be excluded from the jersey raffle.


8. The winner will be picked randomly, according to the mechanics of participation described below the post, and will be noticed through an Instagram comment and a private message.


9. The winner will be announced through a comment under the respective post of the jersey raffle within 7 days after the deadline. The transfer of the prize will happen if the winner sends his/her real first and last name within 7 days of the confirmation of the win through a private message on Instagram. If wrong personal data gets transmitted, the participant can be excluded from the prize game. Otherwise, Mystery United B.V. are entitled to choose a new winner.


10. The transmitted personal data, which is needed for the execution of the jersey raffle, will only be used for this cause.


11. The decisions of Mystery United B.V. are final. Requests regarding this cannot be answered. Mystery United B.V. reserves the right to suspend the mystery box raffle completely or temporarily, if any difficulties appear that endanger the integrity of the jersey raffle.


12. Any punitive damages of Mystery United B.V. and its organs, employees and accomplices based on or associated with the mystery box raffle, regardless of their legal basis, are excluded and apart from that, as far as even provided for by statute, restricted to cases of intent and culpable negligence. Mystery United B.V. is not liable for legal and material defects. The announcement of the winner will happen without liability.


13, If these conditions of participation are violated, Mystery United B.V. reserves the right to exclude persons from the mystery box raffle (also without giving any reasons). Good luck!


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